IT & Telecom

Telecom and IT services help to shape the new marketplace. New companies enter the market, while established operators offer ever more advanced services. Inquiry’s research services for the telecom industry cover a range of issues concerning individual and business clients.

it & Telecom

  1. brand image and positioning
  2. client segmentation
  3. usage & attitude study (U&A)
  1. market potential for new services
  2. client satisfaction and loyalty
  3. product tests
  4. conjoint analysis for pricing studies

Telecommunications and IT services are complicated and potentially disruptive so future clients often cannot imagine how a new service would work. That’s why it is important to account for the emotional aspects that easily disappear from the radar screen of those who work with advanced technologies. It’s people who buy telephones, choose cloud computing and develop IT networks for their companies. At Inquiry we take a look at needs and motivations driving customer behaviour.