The market for medical products and services is subject to strong regulations; nevertheless producers have to comply with consumer and patient needs as much as in any other industry. Rapid changes in the marketplace require up-to-date information.



Inquiry’s research for the healthcare industry provides deeper understanding of the following issues:

  1. attitudes towards health care, therapies, biotechnology, etc.
  2. OTC market (vitamins, painkillers, diet supplements etc.)
  3. patient needs and satisfaction
  1. attitudes towards long-term therapies / quality of life studies
  2. a range of therapeutic areas, covering oncology, diabetes, menopause, allergies, obesity, osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, pain, incontinence etc.

We carry out interviews with key opinion leaders doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other medical staff and, last not least, with patients. We also offer an overview of healthcare systems and regulations governing healthcare systems in the CEE markets.



Our reports


The healthcare systems in Eastern Europe are very different to those in Western countries. We started a series of industry reports to help you understand the differences.

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